Wine/Beer Plate Filter

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Why filter beer or wine? Filtering is mostly for looks, but can affect taste and shelf life as well. Filtered beer has a sparkling commercial appearance, and looks great in a glass. Filtered beer with little or no yeast content will also age differently, and will not pick up yeast flavors from the sediment in the bottle or keg. On the other hand, if you plan on adding priming sugar and bottling your beer, you must add more yeast (we prefer 5 grams of Y04 dry Champagne Yeast) before you mix in the priming solution and bottle.

We have chosen a plate filter because the large surface area of the plates catch more yeast than cartridge-type filters, and remove more haze causing particles. Unlike cartridges that may cost $30.00 each, a pair of disposable filter pads (to do 5 - 7 gallons) cost under $4.00. In addition, pads are available in more than one rating, so you can adjust your filter easily and inexpensively to different beer conditions. For example, use fine filter pads when you want to really polish the beer or wine for kegging or counter pressure filling (and you have fined with Instant Isinglass to remove excessive yeast), or use medium pads for most filtering jobs, when there is visible yeast in suspension before filtering.

Unlike other plate wine filters designed for lower pressures that leak, our Plate Filter features twin sealing O rings specifically designed to hold the 5 psi pressure needed to push beer through a plate filter. Our Plate Filter is easy to clean and sanitize, and uses readily available round 8 3/4” diameter cellulose filter pads (commonly available for other brands of round plate wine filters, such as Vinamat). Our Plate Filter works with any Beverage System that has two ball or pin-lock kegs, a regulator, and C02 bottle.

To use for beer, assemble filter and pads. Attach ball or pin-lock threaded flare fittings (not included) to the inlet and outlet hoses, and fill one keg with beer to be filtered. Seal the keg lid and attach a gas line from your regulator to the IN side, and adjust the regulator pressure to 5 PSI to push the beer through the filter plates and into the beer side of the second keg, which is not sealed.

C02 pressure is required to push the beer through the filter, it will not work with gravity and a siphon. It will take 45 minutes to an hour to filter 5 gallons of beer at 5 psi. When done, discard filter pads (which will be covered with yeast) and rinse all filter parts before putting away to dry. You mayl lose about 12 ounces of beer or wine, which will be in the filter at the end of the filtering run.

NEEDED BUT NOT INCLUDED FOR BEER: Besides a Beverage System with two kegs, you will also need to order Filter Pads (2 required per batch), as well as two beer ball lock or two beer pin lock threaded flare Keg Connectors (depending on the type of kegs you have). In addition, you will need two 5/16" stainless hose barbs.

NEEDED BUT NOT INCLUDED FOR WINE: For wine, all you will need additional is  a Pressure Tank (not included) and two 3 micron filter pads per 5 gallon batch (order separately).