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Willamette Hops Tenacious Badger

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Named after Oregon’s Willamette River, which runs through the state’s hop-growing region, Willamette hops are a triploid seedling of English Fuggle. They are known as the king of aroma hops in the U.S., and deliver modest bittering while imparting a blend of flowers, fruit, earth and spice notes.


Mild and pleasant, slightly spicy, fruity, floral and a little earthy

Beer Styles

Pale Ales, ESB, Bitter, English-Style Ales, Porters, Stouts


Alpha acids 4.0-6.0%, beta acids 3.5-4.5%, cohumulone 3.0-3.5%, total oils 1.0-1.5%, myrcene 30-40%, caryophyllene 6.5-8.2%, humulene 20-27%