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Washington Riesling Wine Kit, WinExpert World Vineyard Series

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WinExpert Washington Riesling World Vineyard Series Wine Kit.   All kits contain ingredients, recipes, and tips to provide for a quality wine worthy of your cellar!   Equipment is not included but fortunately everything from bottles to Equipment Kits are available in the Wine Equipment section.    This World Vineyard Series wine is ready in four weeks and produces six gallons of wine or approximately thirty 750 ml bottles.

Description- World Vineyard Washington Riesling has a distinctive floral and green apple aroma mixed with mineral elements from its Washington vineyard, giving it a brisk, 'racy' quality.   Its high natural level of acidity enables it to balance a hint of residual sugar, setting off aromas of rose petal, apple, pear, peach and apricot and leading to a grand crisp finish of flinty mineral notes.   Riesling is the longest-lived of all white wines.

Body-  Medium

Sweetness- Very Little

Oak- None

Grape Skins Included?- No

For any other information regarding wine kit contents, procedures, and tips refer to the World Vineyard Kit Instructions.