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Triple Pearle Hops Tenacious Badger

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Triple Pearl Hops

TriplePearl is an open pollinated cross between a tetraploid Perle female and an unknown diploid male. Its lineage includes Northern Brewer and Hallertau. TriplePearl is similar to Perle but features more pronounced aroma characteristics.


Alpha acids 10.3-11.2%, beta acids 3.3-4.0%, cohumulone 20-25%, total oils 1.1-1.8ml/100g, myrcene 40-55%, humulene 7-11%, caryophyllene 3.5- 5.2%

Beer Styles

Pale Ales, IPAs


Citrus, tropical fruit, pine, melon, orange rind, resin, peppery spice, lime and honeydew.

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