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Steamed Darjeeling Tea per Ounce

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The best Indian green teas are grown primarily in Darjeeling. In fact, depending on who you ask, some say green tea offers a truer expression of the Darjeeling terroir than their better known black counterparts. Produced at high elevations where the air is thin and wet, the plants they are grown on are known for their low yields, a factor that contributes to their rarity and price. (Some of these bushes were planted in the 1800s.)

Please note: According to the Tea Board of India, a tea may be called “Darjeeling” only if it was grown and manufactured on a Darjeeling estate. Metropolitan Tea carries true Darjeeling teas exclusively.

When it comes to purchasing these Indian green teas, we buy only 2nd flush teas, grown and harvested in the month of June. These teas are known for their full-bodied, muscatel character, offset by slight grassy green notes. Stunning teas.

Tasting notes: Delicate flavor with muscatel notes. Hints of pungency. Note the characteristics of its 2nd flush production time.