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Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Tea per Ounce

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Flavored green teas developed centuries ago in China. Tea artisans, looking to add value to their offering, developed intricate methods of creating fruit and floral blends to tempt taste buds and woo market customers. Our world-class selection of flavored green teas offer a modern twist on this age-old tradition.

Comprised of Sencha, Chunmee and Gunpowder style teas, our collection is a true feast for the senses. Premium fruit and flower pieces blend harmoniously with 100% all natural oils to create a suite of flavor profiles to please tea lovers of all kinds. Try them all.

Memories of hanami in ancient Kyoto. (Hanami is Japan’s annual cherry blossom festival.) A delicate blend of Japan style Sencha, dried rose petals, and natural flavors. Kyoto Cherry Rose offers all the aroma and flavor of a cherry tree, ablaze with fresh flowers.

Tasting notes: A blend of high quality green tea with sweet cherry flavoring & subtle rose hints give the tea a wonderful exotic character.

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