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Sencha Green Decaff Tea per Ounce

Sencha Green Decaff Tea per Ounce

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This ain’t your grandparent’s decaf. Unsatisfied with the chemically decaffeinated teas of the past, we set out to develop our own. Our Chemical Free C02 Process flushes caffeine from tea leaves naturally, leaving no chemical residue. How good are they? So good they’ve fooled countless Tea Masters in blind taste tests.

Here offered in our pyramid style teabags, your customers can experience the full-barrelled decaffeinated flavor of our whole leaf teas.

Hailing from China’s Hunan Province, this Japanese style Sencha offers exceptional grassy green character with origin distinct notes. The perfect companion to Asian themed menus.

Tasting notes: Good green tea flavor with longish Sencha leaf style. All the goodness of green tea without the caffeine.

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