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Say Cheese (A Kids Guide to Cheese Making)

Say Cheese (A Kids Guide to Cheese Making)

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Say Cheese, a kids guide to cheese making is full of fun, easy to follow recipes, science, history, geography and more. From milk to yum it offers hands on learning for kids of all ages.

Best-selling author Ricki Carroll, known around the world as the Cheese Queen, and her daughter, Sarah Carroll, bring easy cheese making right into your kitchen with this fun guide for kids and families. Step-by-step photos guide kids through the cheese making process, and teaches them how to make 12 classic favorites, including mozzarella, feta, ricotta, and cream cheese. A hearty helping of kitchen chemistry and math along with bits of international cheese making history add to the education. A bonus log sheet lets young cheese makers keep notes just like the pros, while punch-out labels and colorful flags will embellish homemade cheeses and global cheese platters. Also includes recipes for cheese-based dishes.

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