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Relieve excess pressure or vacuum with one valve that can be configured for either application. These valves begin opening at the set pressure or vacuum level and fully open at about 10% over the set point. They begin closing as pressure or vacuum level drops and fully close when the system is restored below the set point. Adjust the set pressure or vacuum level within the range. Valves have a vented relief port to exhaust discharge directly.

Valve Function Pressure Relief
For Use With Air, Inert Gas
Activation Pressure Driven
Pipe Size 1/4
Connection Type Pipe
Pipe Connection Type Threaded
Connection NPT Male
Location Bottom
Relief Port Connection Type Vent
Relief Port Location Top
Set Pressure
Range 0 to 20 psi
Accuracy Not Rated
Configuration Adjustable
Adjustment Method External Adjustment Screw
Set Vacuum
Range 0 to 27 in. of Hg
Accuracy Not Rated
Adjustment Method External Adjustment Screw
Temperature Range -15° to 250° F
Shape Straight
Overall Height 1 3/4"
Body Brass
Seal 440C Stainless Steel
Valve Type Relief
Flow Coefficient (Cv) Not Rated
ASME Code Section Not Rated
RoHS Not C