Organic Green Rooibos Tea per ounce

When it comes to tea, even the caffeine sensitive deserve the very best, don’t you agree? Here at Metro Tea, we’re great proponents of the idea that caffeine-free shouldn’t have to mean option-free. That’s why we’ve curated this impressive list of Organic Flavored Rooibos blends.

Naturally caffeine-free, these rooibos blends mean that the next time someone comes looking for caffeine-free goodness, they don’t have to go home empty handed. Based on the exceptional organic South African grown rooibos, every single one of these is a standout.

Inspired by the lush flowers of Provence, France, Organic Roman Provence offers all the character and excitement of a Latin love affair. Herbaceous notes of rooibos are offset by stunning lavender. Exceptional.

Tasting notes: Fruity with sweet floral notes create synergy with the burgundy rooibos. The lavender provides a sweet floral finish.