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Organic Green Rooibos Tea per Ounce

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When it comes to tea, even the caffeine sensitive deserve the very best, don’t you agree? Here at Metro Tea, we’re great proponents of the idea that caffeine-free shouldn’t have to mean option-free. That’s why we’ve curated this impressive list of Organic Flavored Rooibos blends.

Naturally caffeine-free, these rooibos blends mean that the next time someone comes looking for caffeine-free goodness, they don’t have to go home empty handed. Based on the exceptional organic South African grown rooibos, every single one of these is a standout.

Inspired by the lush flowers of Provence, France, Organic Roman Provence offers all the character and excitement of a Latin love affair. Herbaceous notes of rooibos are offset by stunning lavender. Exceptional.

Tasting notes: Fruity with sweet floral notes create synergy with the burgundy rooibos. The lavender provides a sweet floral finish.

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