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Maltodextrin 1Lb/Bag

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Use up to 8 oz per batch; to increase body and mouthfeel.

Typical Data Information for Clintose® CR10, Product Code 012100
ADM's 10 D.E. Maltodextrin is a non-sweet, nutritive saccharide that is produced as a white, odorless powder. This specialty
product has a multitude of functional properties and can be utilized in a wide range of applications. Some of the properties that
make ADM's Maltodextrins highly versatile are:
-Low Sweetness -Low Browning Tendency
-Binding Properties -Viscosity/Bodying Agent
-Solubility -Freezing Point Control
-Non-hygroscopic -Low Osmotic Pressure
-Crystal Growth Inhibition -Film Forming Properties
Typical Chemical and Physical Properties
Appearance White, Powder
Taste Bland
Odor None
Essential Properties Weight/Volume Factors
Moisture, % 5.0 lbs./cu.ft. 34.0
Dextrose Equivalent (DE) 10.0 g/ml 0.54
pH, 20% Solution 4.7
Carbohydrate Composition (Dry Basis): Maltodextrin
Dextrose, % 0.7
Maltose, % 2.8 Regulatory Data
Trisaccharides, % 4.4 United States
Tetrasaccharides, % 3.7 GRAS Affirmation
Higher Saccharides, % 88.4 21 CFR 184.1444
Meets FCC Specification
Granulation Analysis
% minimum thru #60 Mesh Sieve 90
% minimum thru #100 Mesh Sieve 80