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Malibu Sunset Twisted Mist 6L Wine Kit (Limited)

Malibu Sunset Twisted Mist 6L Wine Kit (Limited)

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When it comes to tropical fruit pairings, it’s hard to top a quintessential combo like pineapple, orange, maraschino cherry and coconut rum. It’s in every beach-lover’s favorite drink! This Twisted Mist recipe kit creates a refreshing wine inspired by the cocktail of the same name Mailbu Sunset - ready in just 4 weeks.

Sweetness: Sweet | Body: Light | ABV: 6.5%

Introducing Twisted Mist™, an exciting new entry into the craft winemaking refreshment category, coming this March. Full fruit flavor and authentic cocktail taste are twisted into this refreshing wine-based drink that's sure to shake things up. Kick back and relax with this modern twist on wine.

Includes bottle labels.

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