Lalvin K1-V1116 Wine Yeast

Lalvin K1-V1116 Wine Yeast.  Has a minimum shelf life of four months after the "Best Before" date, and if refrigerated will stay alive for over a year.

WARNING!   Yeast is perishable, for ideal results yeast should be shipped within three days so expedited shipping is highly recommended.    For added security, ice packs are available for shipping for an additional $1.00 (One ice pack per ten items)

Product Description- The ICV-K1 has been isolated in 1972 by Pierre Barre of the INRA Montpellier. When fermented at low temperatures (below 16°C) and with the right addition of nutrients, ICV-K1 is one of the more floral ester producing yeast (isoamyl acetate, hexyl acetate, phenyl ethyl acetate). These esters bring fresh, floral aromas to neutral varieties or high yield grapes. Among the high ester producers, ICV-K1 is the most resistant to difficult fermentation conditions such as low turbidity, low temperature, and low fatty acid content. ICV-K1 is a proven strain for the fermentation of ice wines. It can also be used for rosé or red wines.

Fermentation Temperature Range- 50° and 95°F (10° and 35°C)

Fermentation Rate- Moderate

Alcohol Tolerance- Up to 18%

For all other information visit the Technical Data Sheet or Lalvin webpage.