Lalvin ICV D47 Wine Yeast

Lalvin ICV D47 Wine Yeast.  Has a minimum shelf life of four months after the "Best Before" date, and if refrigerated will stay alive for over a year.

WARNING!   Yeast is perishable, for ideal results yeast should be shipped within three days so expedited shipping is highly recommended.    For added security, ice packs are available for shipping for an additional $1.00 (One ice pack per ten items)

Product Description- ICV-D47 is a Côtes du Rhône isolate for the production of full-bodied, barrel fermented Chardonnay and other white varietals. When left on lees, ripe, spicy aromas with tropical and citrus notes are
developed. ICV-D47 is a high polysaccharide producer known to accentuate fruit characteristics and bring volume and complexity to white wines.

Fermentation Temperature Range- Sensitive to low temperatures. Optimal range is

Fermentation Rate- Moderate

Alcohol Tolerance- Average, Up to 14%

For all other information visit the Technical Data Sheet or Lalvin webpage.