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Imperial Stout 1 Gallon Ingredient Kit

Imperial Stout 1 Gallon Ingredient Kit

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Brewer's Best Imperial Stout 1 gallon beer ingredient kit.    All kits contain ingredients, recipes and tips to provide for a great brew!    Equipment is not included but fortunately everything from glassware to brewing equipment kits are available in the Beer Equipment section.

Description Of Kit-   This full-bodied dark brew has an intense roast flavor with a huge malt influence. The hop bitterness is offset by a touch of sweetness from the big malt character. Give this beer some time to mature and consider using an oak alternative for added complexity.

Difficulty Level-   Easy

ABV-   8.1% - 8.6%

IBU's-   58 - 62

Original Gravity-   1.085 - 1.089

Final Gravity-   1.023 - 1.027


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