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Imperial Pale Ale Ingredient Kit (Premium)

Imperial Pale Ale Ingredient Kit (Premium)

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Brewer's Best Imperial Pale Ale 5 gallon beer ingredient kit.    All kits contain ingredients, recipes and tips to provide for a great brew!   

Description of Kit-   Perfected on the West Coast and an exact version of this beer style for the home brewer.   This beer is very big, very hoppy and somewhat arrogant.   Use your homebrewing skills to make the most of this recipe!


Difficulty Level-   Easy

ABV-   8.0% - 8.5%

IBU's-   65 - 69

Original Gravity-   1.075 - 1.080

Final Gravity-   1.017 - 1.020

For all other information regarding beer kit contents, tips, and procedures refer to the Beer Kit Recipe Guide.

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