Imperial IPA 1 Gallon Ingredient Kit

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Brewer's Best Imperial IPA 1 gallon beer ingredient kit.    All kits contain ingredients, recipes and tips to provide for a great brew!    Equipment is not included but fortunately everything from glassware to brewing equipment kits are available in the Beer Equipment section.

Description Of Kit-   Not for the faint-of-heart, this beer is very big and very hoppy.   Tons of mouth-feel and a malty sweet taste is well balanced by the high bitterness.   Late kettle addition hops provide an intense spice and pine characteristic with subtle notes of grapefruit at the nose.

Difficulty Level-   Easy

ABV-   7.0% - 7.6%

IBU's-   68 - 72

Original Gravity-   1.074 - 1.078

Final Gravity-   1.020 - 1.024