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French Blend Tea per Ounce

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The practice of tea blending is almost as old as tea itself. As an agricultural product, tea is dependent on moisture levels, sunlight and a multitude of natural conditions, making consistency from one crop to the next an extremely difficult task. As the world’s commercial tea industry expanded, blending became an essential part of being able to offer a consistent product to expecting customers.

Over time, blending became something of an art — not just a way to maintain consistency. As blenders began to experiment with scented teas, variously graded teas, and complimentary herbs and spices, many rich new tea creations were invented — including the teas we offer here. Blended and developed by our very own Master Taster, your customers are going to love them.

Offer Your Customers:

We started with a stunning jasmine green tea and added a variety of exceptional and innovative greens from China, Kenya, and Nepal. To this we added red rose, dried lavender, and cornflower petals for an exceptionally fresh, palate-cleansing cup with grassy notes and layers of floral character.

Tasting notes: A stunning blend of green teas yield a smooth full cup. Exotic floral notes reminiscent of Provence finish the taste voyage.