Formosa Oolong Tea by the ounce

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Taiwan’s Oolongs are truly world class. The country’s tea industry was founded in the 19th century by farmers from mainland China. Upon arrival, these growers found what can only be described as perfect tea conditions — tall mountain slopes for drainage, crisp clean air, and an abundance of sunlight.

To this day, the country’s best oolongs are produced by hand, from plucking to sorting — according to recipes carried over by the pioneering mainlanders. Known for their exquisite floral character, these fabulous teas have rightfully earned the moniker, the “Champagne of Taiwan”.

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In Taiwan, making oolong tea is a precious art requiring years of training. From the nursing of seedlings, to planting and plucking the leaves, tea husbandry is a legacy passed down from many generations. Formosa Oolong embodies this artistry perfectly.

Tasting notes: Smooth and slightly sweet; toasty with a touch of dryness.