Cranberry Orange Black Tea per Ounce

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No, Orange Pekoe isn't orange flavored. The name Orange Pekoe, otherwise known as OP, actually denotes the standard by which all black teas are measured. For the METZ luxury hospitality lineup we've sourced what we believe to be one of the finest OP's available on global markets. Seasonally produced, bright and coppery, it sets a new standard all on its own.

TERROIR: The original! Brisk with mouth feel. Grown at high altitude in Kenya, India and China.
LUXURY INGREDIENTS: Black tea, Green tea, Cornflower
CUP FLAVOR: Rich, moody and malty - hints of oak round out the cup.

“Truly stunning Orange Pekoe. Brisk and bright. You can taste the markers of seasonal quality and excellent manufacture. Slightly pointed on the palate with rich moody depth. Best brewed 4 to 5 minutes to draw out the malty notes.”