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Copper Packing

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Pure Copper Packing

One pound of pure copper packing rolls for packing distilling column. Quality pure copper column packing.

Mesh is 5″ wide

The copper will come wound tightly in a roll. Backwind the copper to a medium tight roll to the diameter of a 1/4 to 1/2 inch larger then the diameter of the tower so it fits snug into the tower. Insert 2 or 3 rolls of copper from the bottom of the tower then poor rings in from the top of the tower up to about 1″ below where the condenser arm comes into the tower. The copper mesh will keep the rings from falling into the boiler.
Suggested use;
1 pound of copper will pack a 2″ column twice and a 3″ column once.
We suggest to clean the copper with Citric Acid, rinse with water, and let air dry after each run. Replace copper packing every 6-8 runs.

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