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Chinook Hops Tenacious Badger

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A dual-purpose bittering/flavoring hop, Chinook is popular with craft and major brewers for its heavy aroma, spicy, pine-resin infused flavor and grapefruit notes. Because of its heavy use, it’s referred to as a “workhorse” hop by many Midwest growers.


Moderately high with spicy, piney, grapefruit notes

Beer Styles

Pale Ales, Lagers, IPAs, Steam Beer and heavy bodied Dark Ales


Alpha acids 10.0-14.0%, beta acids 3.0-4.0%, cohumulone 29-34%, total oils 1.5-2.7ml/100g, myrcene 35-40%, humulene 18-25%, caryophyllene 9-11%