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Bitter Gold Hops Tenacious Badger

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Bitter Gold Hops

Released in 1999, this potent, super-alpha bittering hop has values higher than Galena or Nugget. Bitter Gold hops have a complex pedigree that includes Brewers Gold, Bullion, Comet and English hops.


Alpha acids 15.4-18.8%, beta acids 6.1-8.0%, moderately high cohumulone 36-40%, total oils 0.8-3.6ml/100g, high myrcene 67%, humulene 7.4%, caryophyllene 8.3%, farnescene < 1.5%

Beer Styles
Belgian Ales and versatile enough for a wide range of others as a bittering hop


Fruity, tropical, citrus, fresh cut grass.