Belgian IPA Beer Kit 5 Gal

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Brewer's Best Belgian IPA 5 gallon beer ingredient kit.    All kits contain ingredients, recipes and tips to provide for a great brew!    Equipment is not included but fortunately everything from glassware to brewing equipment kits are available in the Beer Equipment section.

Description Of Kit-   A generous hops schedule and soft Belgian Candi Sugar combine to create this modern style ale.   Belgian IPA includes that trademark spiciness familiar to Belgian Style Ales along with the piney, herbal and slight citrus flavors of an American IPA.   The result is a complex flavor combination that adds depth and outstanding character to this unique style of ale.

Difficulty Level-   Intermediate

ABV-   5.5% - 6.0%

IBU's-   45 - 48

Original Gravity-   1.052 - 1.056

Final Gravity-   1.011 - 1.014