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Alcohol Meter – 12" w/ Proof & %

Alcohol Meter – 12" w/ Proof & %

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Alcohol Meter

Alcohol meters or alcoholmeter are for reading alcohol content in distilled spirits only. This glass alcohol meter is 12″ (30cm). Very accurate Alcoholmeter for the price. Professional hobbyist grade. 0 – 200 Proof and 0-100% alcohol reading. No longer need to shake the jar and watch the bubbles. This meter is not TTB certified but will work great for hobyist or getting a quick look at alcohol percentage without the risk of breaking expensive alcoholmeters. 

If you are looking for a hydrometer to check ABV ( alcohol by volume ) in the fermentation process take a look at the triple scale hydrometer. This hydrometer goes hand in hand with the alcohol meter. In distilling you get out of you still what you put in so when fermenting no alcohol is produced then when distilling no alcohol is produced. 

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