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Abuycs High Proof Alcohol Refractometer

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  • HIGH PROOF ALCOHOL REFRACTOMETER WITH ONLY ALCOHOL SCALE. It is used for testing alcohol. ±1% alcohol testing accuracy, 0-80% alcohol measurement range suit for wine making very well.
  • AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION ( ATC). Built-in ATC compensation Range (Automatic Temperature Compensation) from 10° to 30° (50℉ to 86℉) to correct temperature discrepancies during use. You can get the accurate alcohol testing result without taking care about the influence of these different temperature.
  • HAND-HELD SUGAR GRAPE WINE CONCENTRATION TESTER. Easy to hold, sturdy design, compact in size and light in weight, convenient to keep up and carry around.
  • EASY TO BE CALIBRATED. Just need to drop distilled water on the prism, align the prism assembly with light source, reading and turn the screw until the reading data is “0”, then calibrating is completed.
  • EASY TO BE USED. Just need to drop the spirits sample on the prism, and make the prism assembly toward to the light source, look into eyepiece and you will get the readings.