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About Us

house of homebrew


House of Homebrew is retail store for everything homebrew located in Green Bay, WI. House of Homebrew is the place to go whether you are brewing your own beer, making your own wine, or cheese.

About the Owners

John Parsons knows beer but not business. His friend Doug Feck knows business, but not beer.

Together, they bought House of Homebrew in 2019 with an eye toward keeping a key resource and supplier for Green Bay area brewers alive after founder and former owner Bill Widmer shifted his focus to his other businesses, Ned Kelly's Pub and Amphora Wine Bar.

"This was Bill's first business and he put a lot of himself into it," Parsons said. "He doesn't want to see it fail."

Parsons and Feck don't want to see it fail either. Parsons, who is also president of the Green Bay Rackers homebrew club, said House of Homebrew isn't just a supply shop, but a place where amateur brewers can discuss challenges, get advice and find solutions. Feck said customers' knowledge of brewing and winemaking keeps the place feeling like a clubhouse as much as a business.

People just come in and don't buy anything, but will talk with each other," Feck said. "People have a choice now about where they spend their money. They can go online, but there's something about looking at it, touching it and talking with other customers about it first."

The expertise is expanding well beyond brewing beer. Feck and Parsons said they now carry the equipment, ingredients and supplies to make beer, wine, soda, cheese and tea, including kombucha.

"We try to offer a range of kits and quality ingredients," he said. "Some of it is seasonal, too. There are always new things coming in."