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FastFerment Thermometer

FastFerment Thermometer

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Compatible with Our 3 Gallon, 7.9 Gallon and 14 Gallon Conical Fermenters. FasterFerment Accessories (Stainless Steel Thermometer)

Keep a thumb on the pulse of your fermentation for perfect, predictable results
Precise control of your fermentation temperature is one of the most effective ways to improve your home-brew beer or homemade wine.

Consistently Monitor
This thermometer fits directly into the thermowell on the side of your FastFerment.

Exceptionally useful during the start of fermentation, when the lag between ambient temperature and actual temperature in the fermentor can vary greatly.

Perfect Fit
The FastFerment conical fermenter thermometer fits perfectly with all of our conical fermenter models. Pair with a fermentation jacket and you have the perfect home-brew kit

No More Adhesive Thermometer Strips
Why use a color changing crystal strip thermometer? The FastFerment Conical Fermenter Stainless Steel Thermometer gives you an accurate temperature reading and works perfectly in any FastFerment conical fermenter.

Easy Installation
Fits in the fermenter without any modification because the fermenter comes with a thermowell already installed and the thermometer fits into the thermowell. Because the thermowell is metal and sticks into the wort the thermometer will show an accurate temperature of the wort.

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