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FastFerment 7.9 Gallon Conical Fermenter Starter Kit

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About FastFerment
Easy & Efficient
The FastFerment System is a one-stage fermenter, which allows brewers & winemakers to do primary & secondary fermentation in the same unit. FastFerment eliminates racking & transferring between buckets & carboys. This saves approximately 80% of the time & labor needed to make a batch of beer or wine compared to traditional methods. With less equipment, clean up is easy.

FastFerment is a professional system for the average Homebrewer & Winemaker. The conical design limits exposure to oxygen & allows for yeast harvesting. The end result is consistent high quality batches of beer & wine.

Benefits Over Traditional Conicals
The downfall of other conical fermenters is that you have to ferment the product with the valve closed and then the sediment accumulates above the valve. When the fermentation is complete you have to open the valve and flush the sediment out the bottom. This results in two main issues:

1. You need to time the flushing of the sediment perfectly to ensure minimal loss of product.
2. As the sediment is flushed out, there will always be yeast and the sediment hazes that float up into the product remaining in the unit.

Why Use FastFerment?
Guaranteed Consistent Batches
Primary & Secondary Fermentation in the Same Container
No Transfers & No Racking - 80% Less Work
Better Quality Product with No Sediment Contamination
Increased Sanitation with Less Contamination
Less Oxygen Exposure
Ability to Harvest Yeast & Save for Reuse

Features and Benefits
Easy Cleaning and Batch Stirring - 6" (15cm) removable screw top
Total Capacity 7.9 US Gallons/ 30 Litres - Made for 5 - 7 Gallon batches with blow offs
Easy Wall Mounting System - Mounts to standard 16" (40cm) wall studs
1" (2.5cm) Bottom valve compared vs. 3/4" (2cm)
Collection Ball for Yeast Harvesting - Save $100's & harvest your Yeast Strains!
Temp. Monitoring - ThermoWell included - Thermometer Avail.

Kit Contents

7.9G / 30L FastFerment
Double Lever Capper
Star San 4 oz Bottle
Triple Scale Hydrometer
Plastic Spoon
Bottle Brush
Dual Scale Liquid Crystal Thermometer

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