American Ale Liquid Yeast Blend, White Labs WLP060

White Labs American Ale Liquid Yeast Blend.  Has a minimum shelf life of four months after the "Best Before" date, and if refrigerated will stay alive for over a year.

WARNING!   Yeast is perishable, for ideal results yeast should be shipped within three days so expedited shipping is highly recommended.    For added security, ice packs are available for shipping for an additional $1.00 (One ice pack per ten items)

Description- Our most popular yeast strain is WLP001, California Ale Yeast. This blend celebrates the strengths of California- clean, neutral fermentation, versatile usage, and adds two other strains that belong to the same 'clean/neutral' flavor category. The additional strains create complexity to the finished beer. This blend tastes more lager like than WLP001. Hop flavors and bitterness are accentuated, but not to the extreme of California. Slight sulfur will be produced during fermentation.

Attenuation- 72-80%

Optimal Ferm. Temp.- 68-72°F (20-22°C)

Flocculation- Medium

Alcohol Tolerance- Medim-High

For More Information visit the White Labs American Ale Liquid Yeast Blend webpage.